Breakout Recordings

Breakout Sessions

The three breakouts in the tabernacle and Ron & Christine Lamicela’s video are hosted on Youtube as shared links (unlisted). The audio recordings are in MP3 format and are available in four sizes depending on whether you want smaller file size or better quality.

  • 16k is low quality and 15 MB per file.
  • 64k is medium quality and 30 MB per file.
  • 128k is high quality and 60 MB per file.
  • 192k is CD quality and 90 MB per file.

There are a total of 15 different speakers, 5 on each day.

Download audio in one zip file or browse on Dropbox

Individual Recordings and Youtube Videos

The Youtube Video links are in the list below for the breakout sessions that were videod. The individual audio files can also be downloaded.


Rodney & Dawn Nolt

Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Burton & Ashley Salthouse

Practical Community Care

Matt & Jenny Glick

The Forgotten Art of Hospitality

Zac Johnson

Creating Small Fellowship Groups in your Church

Ron & Christine Lamicela

Finding the Invisibles


Paul Lamicela

Three Contexts for Every Passage

Daniel Smith

Coupling Solid Biblical Teaching with Loving Care

Kyle Stoltzfus

Flying True Colors: Anabaptist Education in a Post-Secular World

Timothy Miller

How to Study Paul’s Letters

Kristi Mast

Why the Church Needs Women to Study Bible and Theology


Allen Roth

Outreach Should Build, Not Threaten the Church

Dale & Alma Charles

Making Outsiders Feel Welcome in Church

Josh Nisly

Starting Bible Studies with Seekers

Daniel Yoder

Using Apologetics in Gospel Conversations

Matt Jantzi

Bridges for the Gospel Within Other Worldviews