Plenary Recordings

Plenary Sessions

The videos are hosted on Youtube as shared links (unlisted) . The audio recordings are in MP3 format and are available in four sizes depending on whether you want smaller file size or better quality.

  • 16k is low quality and 10 MB per file.
  • 64k is medium quality and 20 MB per file.
  • 128k is high quality and 40 MB per file.
  • 192k is CD quality and 70 MB per file.

Download audio in one zip file or open in Dropbox

Individual Recordings and Youtube Videos

The Youtube Video links are in the list below. The individual audio files can also be downloaded.


Dean Taylor

Church is More than the Service

Lyndon Risser

What Are We Not Talking About?


Donny Brechbill

Why Thinking and Study are Crucial for the Church

Paul Lamicela

A Vision for Going Deeper in Scripture’s Story


Josh Nisly

Communicating the Gospel in Secular America

Allen Roth

Going to the Unreached